AXXO Participation at this year’s Women’s Run!

A team of AXXO’s female employees decided to start at this year’s Women’s Run on 29th of June 2013. The run takes place in Hamburg’s City Park. Whether stretching exercises on the rooftop terrace, a small run after work or shopping the right outfit during lunch break: AXXO’s women are prepared. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 29th of June. For more detailed information on this event, please visit:


Last Saturday the team «AXXO» has successfully participated together with 5,000 other powerful women in the Women’s Run which took place in Hamburg’s City Park. Due to the cheering crowd neither potholes nor tree roots or puddles could keep the AXXO ladies from finishing the 5 km track. Next year’s participation is very likely. Overcoming the 8 km track is the new goal for 2014!

Joint Venture UZGERMED Pharm – Inversión de 2 millones de Euros en la nueva planta de producción de ampollas

AXXO invierte alrededor de 2 millones de Euros en la expansión de su Joint Venture en Uzbekistán. La nueva planta de producción se encuentra ubicada en la capital de Uzbekistán, Tashkent.

Con una inversión por parte de AXXO en una instalación nueva y segunda planta productora de ampollas, UZGERMED Pharm va a ampliar la capacidad de producción local de productos relevantes. Asimismo, vamos a establecer 70 nuevos puestos de trabajo altamente calificados a nivel local.

Mediante esta alianza estratégica con UZGERMED Pharm, estamos ampliando nuestra producción en la economía de Asia Central. Nuestro objetivo es seguir creciendo a través de la innovación de productos y las nuevas tecnologías en la región. Inversiones recientes subrayan el compromiso de AXXO en desarrollar una moderna y sostenible industria farmaceútica. Además, AXXO refuerza su posición en los mercados farmaceúticos y aumenta su influencia en los mercados regionales como en Uzbekistán.

AXXO is relocating!

AXXO is relocating! AXXO is an international company, dealing with a diverse portfolio of high quality pharmaceutical products. Due to our growing business, especially in the field of biotechnology, we are relocating our office. From Monday, 1st October 2012 this will be our new physical address:

Rö 20Rö20z

Rödingsmarkt 20
20459 Hamburg (Altstadt)

New Joint Venture successfully registered in Uzbekistan

In order to strengthen AXXO’s international market presence in the CIS region we established and successfully registered our new Joint Venture “UZGERMED PHARM” in Uzbekistan. The respective registration certificate from the Uzbek Ministry of Justice can be found below.

Furthermore the following front-page picture of Uzbekistan’s largest newspaper shows AXXO’s management director Mr. Frank Nedder in the middle between the Uzbek health minister and the vice-prime minister at the opening ceremony of the joint-venture’s manufacturing site.

We are confident that this partnership will be fruitful and profitable and we are sure that we have done the best possible step with this JV for a better connection with the local pharmaceutical industry in that region and in order to be well prepared for any upcoming commercial activities in the future.