AXXO extends its strategic relationship with a leading internationally partner in Biotech products.

Annual meeting with our Argentine Biotech partner – discussing new projects and products within international markets.
Our aim, to be one of the leading biotech companies in 2018.”

20 Jahre AXXO

Aus Anlass des 20-jährigen Geschäftsjubiläums hatte die Firma AXXO am 28.10.2017 zum großen Gala-Event ins Internationale Maritime Museum in der Hamburger Hafen-City eingeladen. Gemeinsam mit vielen internationalen Geschäftsfreunden wurde das Jubiläum entsprechend gefeiert.
Der geschäftsführende Gesellschafter Frank Nedder gründete AXXO 1997 nach 10 Jahren Tätigkeit in der pharmazeutischen Industrie. Seine Idee, die vorausschauende Entwicklung und Beschaffung von Wirkstoffen für die pharmazeutische Industrie ist bis heute die Kernkompetenz von AXXO. Im Laufe der Jahre hat AXXO die bedeutenden Entwicklungen und Veränderungen des Pharmamarktes kontinuierlich vorweggenommen und sich im schnell wachsenden Generikamarkt zu einem weltweit geschätzten Partner entwickelt. AXXO ist ein Pionier im Bereich Biotechnologie. Mit derzeit 11 Biopharmazeutika auf dem Markt ist AXXO einer der führenden Anbieter in diesem Bereich. Viele der Wirkstoffe im Portfolio sind Biopharmazeutika und AXXO wird den Ausbau in diesem Bereich auch weiterhin konsequent in den Fokus stellen.
AXXO ist direkt an diversen Herstellern für pharmazeutische Fertigprodukte beteiligt und die Einbindung weiterer Standorte wird stark vorangetrieben. So erwarten wir die Zulassung für unsere Niederlassung Moskau (Russland) in der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2018. Ein weiteres Kernziel für AXXO wird der Markteintritt in den deutschen Markt mit eigenen Fertigprodukten unter der Hauptmarke AXXO sein.
AXXO ist hervorragend für die Zukunft in einer globalisierten Welt aufgestellt und das gesamte Team freut sich auf die Herausforderungen und Chancen, die vor uns liegen.

CPHI Worldwide 2017

What a beautiful week, the CPHI Worldwide 2017 was very impressive. Thank you very much to all our partners, customers and friends, who visited us there and made this success possible.

See you soon again and best wishes to all of you.

Meeting of the shareholder families of UzGermed in Tashkent

Once again we enjoy the warm hospitality of our Uzbek joint venture UzGermed. We have decided to expand and deepen the successful activities, and we are looking already forward to new milestones.

“We run for children”

Hamburg – It was  the second time that AXXO was part of this run. Our social engaged colleagues decided to be part of the HSH Nordbank Charity Run.

The fact that we were not only able to strengthen our team spirit but also help children in misery with our participation doubled our motivation to be part of this event.

Our start of the run was on the 1st of July 2017 at 15:00 h. The run routed us through the famous “Harbour City” of Hamburg. The 4 km were managed without difficulties and the complete team enjoyed the run and the applause, which carried us over the finish-line.

Below you will find two great impressions of the event:

Hello from our latest Investment: a brand new Cotton and Bandage Facility in Uzbekistan

AXXO Group is the leading pioneer in the healthcare sector in the country of Uzbekistan. This week our executive Director Florian Thiede with his area Manager Mrs. Pei-Hsin Tu is visiting our brand new Cotton and Bandage Facility. We have vertically integrated our brand new manufacturing facility right from spinning, weaving, processing, coating, impregnation, drying, rolling, cutting, packing and sterilization which makes us a full-fledged producer of supreme quality medical products and has helped us to flourish over the years. Today, we can proudly state that we are a leading national medical device enterprise and a major supplier in the entire Region in the product segments of Casting, Bandaging, Wound Care, Operations, Theatre Products, Hygiene Care and Patients Care Devices. The new production site delivers products that comply with international quality specifications and are the driving force of our entire organization. They are well equipped with all the cutting-edge Machinery including air handling and dust extraction systems to maintain the environment and meet the requirements for manufacturing surgical dressings and other medical devices.

EU-GDP certification for AXXO

It is a great pleasure for me to announce today that the Ministry of Health of Germany has successfully audited AXXO and granted us EU-GDP certification, which meets latest benchmark standards.

As you know, the wholesale distribution of medicinal products is an important activity in the integrated supply chain management. Today’s distribution network for medicinal products is increasingly complex and involves many players. These GDP-Guidelines lay down appropriate tools to assist wholesale distributors in conducting their activities and to prevent falsified medicines from entering the legal supply chain. Compliance with these Guidelines will ensure control of the distribution chain and, as a result, maintain the quality and the integrity of medicinal products.
Recently acquired EU-GDP certification complements AXXO´s existing Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 dd. Nov. 25, 2016.
The warehouses of AXXO and our transport partners also operate under EU-GMP/GDP guidelines and conform to the requirements of the SwissMedic (MoH of Switzerland).

Therefore, AXXO has created a solid basis for becoming your best partner in pharmaceutical industry.
Please feel free to contact us any time with your requests, concerns and proposals.

The biggest medical show in the Middle East

The Arab-Health 2017 in Dubai was a big success for our Company. Thank you very much to all our partners, customers and friends, who visited us there and made this success possible.

Also it was nice to work together with our international exclusive cooperation partner UzGermed during this fair at our stand as a co-exhibitor.